Additives to oil paint.


What is the effect of adding additives to oil paint to hasten drying? Does it affect the quality of the job?

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  1. Adding additives to oil paint to hasten drying can significantly impact the painting process and final result. Common additives like Japan driers contain metal salts that accelerate the oxidation process, causing the paint to dry faster. However, while these additives can save time during the painting process, they may also have adverse effects on the quality of the job. Especially if too much is added.

    The use of additives can alter the working characteristics of the paint, affecting its consistency, texture, and ability to blend colors smoothly. Over-use of additives may lead to issues like cracking, yellowing, and decreased flexibility in the paint film over time. Additionally, additives can impact the longevity and lightfastness of the paint, potentially causing the colors to fade or change over the years.

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