The Drywall Plug


I would like to introduce you to our drywall repair product called The Drywall Plug.

It has the following Highlights:

  • Easy to install
  • Can be installed in 10 minutes or less
  • Restores the structural integrity to the damaged area
  • Is a permanent repair, not a patch
  • No drywall experience necessary
  • Costs less than $6 (MSRP for the small plug)
  • Fireguard Plug maintains fire rating in fire walls


No more dreading the drywall hole repair.

For consumer “Where to Buy” retail locations and product demo videos, visit us at:

For Retail or Distribution sales information please contact us:
By Phone: (503) 505-1824
By Fax: (503) 328-7966
By Email:

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  1. To anyone who wants a to save money without giving up quality, I highly recommend this product to you! The thought of a drywall repair used to make me cringe! But I saw the video on the Drywall Plug and it looked easy enough for a soccer mom like me to do. Sure enough! It was easy! My son accidentally pulled the drape bar holder (above the sliding glass door) out of the wall and I really had no other direction to go. I used the plug and when I was done, you couldn’t tell it was ever damaged! I screwed the bar holder in the exact same spot and if I didn’t know what had happened, I could never tell by looking at it. This is the best thing since iced mochas! If you have a hole in your wall, find it, use it and you too will love it!

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