6 Creative Wall Painting Ideas For Bedroom

House walls are like huge canvases. Although painting them serves many other purposes, adding an aesthetic value is something we all love to talk about. It is the cheapest and easiest way to transform your living space. With lots of imagination and a little artistry, the walls can be the

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5 Painting Ideas for your New Nursery

One of the most enjoyable parts of preparing for a baby is getting to design the nursery. There are so many different possibilities and oftentimes, parents-to-be will feel as if nine months isn’t enough time to properly prepare for a nursery. The colors you select for your child’s room will

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Stenciling Cabinets

Use stenciling to add new life to your cabinets. Learning how to stencil cabinets, furniture and walls enables you beautifully personalize your home. This video takes you through the steps of how to add custom stencil patterns into your decorating scheme. You’ll easily produce professional results when using stencils in

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Distressing Wood

This video show various wood distressing techniques and the tools used. Includes making worm holes, cracks, chaining and hewning. These techniques can be used on any wood surface to give it an “old world” look. Use on doors, cabinets, a fireplace mantel or any wood surface for a unique look.

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Wood Graining a Painted Door

This video shows the steps used to go from a painted surface to a faux wood grain on a smooth exterior door. Includes using a graining tool, adding additional texture and final coats of stain for a realistic looking wood door. *After viewing please consider offering your own insights and

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How to Paint Water on Walls

This video shows how to quickly create the look of water, an ocean, on your walls using some basic techniques and tools. Includes finishing off the painting with white highlights and wave caps. *After viewing please consider offering your own insights and opinions, this would be a big help to

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Sponge Painting

Sponge painting is an easy faux finish that produces stunning results. This video demonstrates sponge painting techniques and shares sponge painting tips to help you achieve professional results in your home. *After viewing please consider offering your own insights and opinions, this would be a big help to others.

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How To Stencil a Wall with Paint

Learn how to paint vertical stripes on a wall. Vertical stripes are one of the most versatile wall finishes. In this video you will learn the steps needed to create vertical lines on your walls. Proper measuring, taping and paint techniques are covered. *After viewing please consider offering your own

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How To Add Decorative Painting to Any Room

See how easily decorative painting can add a dash of your personality to any room. Whether you desire a soft or bold look, discover ideas, tips and techniques that turn any wall into a statement. *After viewing please consider offering your own insights and opinions, this would be a big

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