Spray Painting Vs. Paint Rolling

So, which is better: Spray painting or paint rolling? While this may be one of the topics that might spring up in home improvement projects, the debate is still there – Which is better? Nonetheless, both painting techniques are their own pros and cons. With that in mind, this article

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5 tips to avoid roller marks whilst painting

Depending on the size of your room, painting can be a lengthy job and require plenty of preparation. It may seem like a straightforward job, but there are certain tips and tricks that can help you perfect it. There are plenty of mistakes that can happen when it comes to

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Storing Painting Equipment & Paint in Cold Climates

It’s fall in Calgary, Alberta and we’ve already had a major snowfall a few weeks ago. It took 5-6 days for the snow to melt so it was quite the dump for early October. Today it’s calling for more snow and it is only Oct-11. This is a reminder that

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Spray paint: Flawless wall painting.

Whenever we talk about painting walls, we picture the paint brushes and rollers up in our head. Although these conventional techniques are most widely used, but there are many flaws encountered in these techniques like using these techniques might leave impressions. All these issues were resolved by the concept of

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How To Clean Paint Brushes

Cleaning your paint brushes may seem like an unnecessary hassle that won’t really make a difference, but the truth is, cleaning your brushes out well makes all the difference. Cleaning your brushes immediately after every use can prolong the life of the brush, as well as ensure that when you

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Seven Essential Home Paint Apps

It seems like there’s an app for just about everything in this day and age. That certainly applies to the home improvement field, as there are a wide range of apps designed to help both professionals and the DIY crowd with their upcoming projects. Even the most traditional people are

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New Painting Buddy System

The New Painting Buddy System belt attached paint bucket holder with removable dripless paint bucket positions your paint bucket at your side for easy access, allowing you to work more comfortably without having to carry your paint bucket. For interior and exterior painting, the Buddy System provides you a safer

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Hey everyone; Just wanted to send an FYI out on a great new product that our company (John Hughes Custom Painting), use on every job. The Banister Drop Cloth is sold only ONLINE with HOME DEPOT. We love this product. It is 15 ft. in length X 10 in. in

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X-Board by Trimaco

Builder’s paper and Rosin paper, I don’t have a large need for this type of product but do use it from time to time. Recently I was given the chance to review a 35in x 50ft roll of X-Board by Trimaco.  We used it on a ceramic floor in a

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Eliminator Drop Cloth by Trimaco

The humble drop cloth, necessary but a bit boring; isn’t that how it is? For many one drop cloth is like all drop cloths with the only difference being price. But that isn’t exactly true. This review is for the Eliminator Butyl drop cloth by Trimaco. Trimaco provided a 9×12

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