5 Trends in Sustainable Color Palettes for Your House

Choosing the right color palette for your house could be a challenging task but it’s surely very important for the overall mood and feel of your space. Don’t underestimate the power which your chosen wall color has on your daily thoughts and activities. Having that in mind, select your colors

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Exterior Painting Guide To Improve Curb Appeal

The simple act of painting the outside of your house is one of the easiest ways to add value to your home. People assume that the outside of your home reflects on the family who lives there. Keeping the exterior looking tidy, fresh, and charming is necessary. Yet how does

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How to Balance Comfort and Style in Your Home

Nowadays, there are more and more pieces that are both comfortable and stylish, but when you are decorating your whole home, you will find yourself picking between style and comfort. Here is how you can balance comfort and style in your home and decorate your home to look fantastic. Have

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Best Paint Colors for Low-Light Rooms

Painting rooms with little or no light at all needs a different approach! When considering paint colors for such places, a lot of us instinctively opt for clean solid white color. It is natural to think that bright paint could brighten the room, but in many cases, the result is

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Top 5 Best Paint Shades to Use for Garage Renovation

For years, your garage has served you well. The time to renovate, however, has come. Now you have an opportunity to make your garage look better than it ever did before. You can install more cabinets and fixtures. Adding insulation may also be in order. You can get garage door

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Interior Design: Don’t Overlook the Importance of Color

Repainting the walls is one of the most common renovation projects as it is quite affordable but can have a large impact on the overall interior design. That said, you mustn’t let the color choice become an afterthought. Many people are scared to make drastic changes to their walls but

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How To Pick The Best Color Scheme For Your Garage

For some people, their garage is just a place to park their car, nothing more. In other words, they don’t really give much thought about making it look great. As long as things are clean and orderly, a spartan-looking garage will do. Many homeowners, however, see their garage as more

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How to Choose the Right Colors for Your Workplace

Many factors can influence the productivity and creativity of your workforce and one of them is definitely the color they are surrounded with. If you see their performance dropping, it might be time to look into some new hues you can implement in the office that can be beneficial for

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You can spend hours comparing paint swatches just to pick one wall color. And if you try to choose multiple colors for the same space, and you may start to wonder if you really need to paint at all. Before you start having nightmares about choosing colors, check out our

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The Best Color Ideas for Kitchen Remodeling

Give Your Kitchen a New Look This Year Looking forward to remodeling your kitchen? This is the time you would think more about what color to use. You may probably think about coloring the cabinets with blue and red or may feel like painting a large space in your kitchen with

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