A Guide to Revamping Your House Flooring Paint

Floor paint is a great way to revamp your flooring. Floor paint is one of the easiest ways to change the look of your home without investing too much money in an overhaul. It can be applied directly on top of existing floors or over new ones, creating a completely

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Top Tips For Looking After Painted Walls

all marks and stains can be really tricky to remove from painted walls carefully and properly. We’ve all had a random mark or scuff appear on our walls every now and then. Sometimes we know exactly where the mark has come from, whether it be a passing bag or shoe

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Spray Painting Vs. Paint Rolling

So, which is better: Spray painting or paint rolling? While this may be one of the topics that might spring up in home improvement projects, the debate is still there – Which is better? Nonetheless, both painting techniques are their own pros and cons. With that in mind, this article

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Heads Up: How To Paint A Ceiling

Painting the ceiling is an awkward job, but you can reap the rewards of a brighter, more spacious-feeling room. With proper preparation, painting the ceiling doesn’t have to drive you up the wall – here’s everything you need to know for a perfectly painted ceiling. 1) Prepare The Room Despite

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