Selecting The Right Exterior Paint Colors


What do you do when you want to jazz up the look of the outside of your house? You may decide to change the colors of the walls and your front door, as well as any shutters or gates that you have. But choosing the right color is not always so easy and can depend on a number of factors.

When choosing exterior paint colors, it is not only a matter of which colors you like. For example, your favorite color may be bright purple, but that might not fit in with your immediate surroundings or your neighbors’ peace of mind. As the outside of your house can actually have quite an effect on the value of your home, it is important to choose something that is appropriate.

Here are some important pointers that might help you reach this decision more quickly:

  • Do you live in an area that has rules regarding the exterior of your home? For example, some years ago there was a terrible dispute on Bath’s historic Royal Crescent when one resident insisted on painting his front door yellow. This was because most of the other residents felt that bright yellow was not in keeping with the historic, aristocratic feel of this beautiful Regency style street. Therefore, you should be very careful to avoid offending the sensitivities of your neighbors.
  • Similarly, even if you are not looking to do anything too outrageous, you should still take a look to see how your neighbors’ homes look. This is not so much in terms of their sensitivities, but more with regard to whether your outer aspect will look ridiculous next to theirs. While you don’t have to look exactly the same, there still needs to be a blend of styles rather than a hideous clash.
  • What is your available budget? Some kinds of paints are more expensive than others. Although it may be better to spend a little more on a high-quality paint than on something else that is “cheap and cheerful,” you may not have the available means. You also don’t want to start with an idea that sounds very good but that you are unable to finish because you simply do not have the wherewithal to complete the work.
  • Take into account the fact that the outside of your home is exposed to the elements. You therefore do not want a color or type of paint that cannot withstand ultraviolet light or heavy rainfall. Here, the climatic conditions of the place where you live are a very important factor. For example, if you live in a country where there is a lot of rain, you would choose exceptional waterproof paint. If, on the other hand, it is a warm country with strong sunlight, you need to find a kind of paint that can withstand UV rays.

Decorating the outside of your home can be a lot of fun, if you base your decision on all of the right considerations. And in the end, you will have a good-looking house that will hopefully increase in value as a result.

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  1. I would not worry about the neighbors house at all. I would be doing a complete different color to the neighbor. There is nothing worse than a neighbor who wants to copy whatever the people do next door. Surely adults can make up their own mind instead of trying to copy.

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