Residential Painting: Exterior


Residential Painting Exterior

Are you thinking about painting the outside of a residential property? Well, there are some things to take note of. A lot of work can go into painting the outside of a residential home. As, well as it should. This makes the project worthwhile and a great investment.

Take Time to Clean the Area

While most people are ready to start right on painting, it is very important to do a couple of things first. For instance, the outside of the home should certainly be cleaned properly. This is done by pressure washing the home.

A clean surface of a home’s exterior can definitely make a huge impact on a new paint job. Be sure to have the home completely pressure washed before beginning painting. Also, the exterior should dry a day or two before painting. Make sure that the area is dry.

Do an Inspection

Inspect the walls of the exterior for any holes that may need to be filled. It is important to check around the windows of the home. There could be possible cracks that may need to be sealed before painting. Sometimes wood siding will need to be replaced before painting.

Before Painting Prime.

Before using primer make sure that anything that is not desired to be painted is covered. Tapping plastic over windows is recommended. This will protect the window from paint being splattered on it while rolling or praying the paint.

The area to be painted should be painted with a primer before the desired color. This locks in the color that is desired. Once the walls have been painted with a primer it is important to wait until it is completely dry before painting with color.

Choose the Paint.

When choosing a paint, you will want one that is appealing. This can bring up the value of the home. A high-quality paint is recommended. When choosing a paint, the better quality will result in a longer lasting product. This can prevent from having to paint again for at least 10 to 15 years.

More information on painting the outside of a home can be found at

Are Professionals Recommended?

Certainly! A professional can complete the project in a quick and efficient manner. This, in turn, can provide a great outcome while saving time. Plus, the cost of equipment can add up quickly. A professional painting company can definitely be beneficial.

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