Remodeling Your House? Don’t Forget to Paint


One of the best ways to give your home, your pride and joy, the makeover it deserves is by giving it a fresh look; in other words, remodeling. Essentially, remodeling is when you change the structure, form, or fashion of your home. There really is no bad side to remodeling unless you are just one of the unlucky ones who hires a burnout for a painting contractor or accidentally taps into the main water line. Usually, your home will only benefit from a fresh new look, increasing the property value, and moreover, making it feel more like a home to you.

What does a remodel consist of? The beauty of that question is that the answer can be whatever lies in the thresholds of your imagination. If you want to craft a custom, fancy banister for your staircase, then this is your chance. If you want to alter your basement from storage space to a contemporary den, you can do that as well.

Most people, especially new homeowners, start with fresh paint as the color that greeted them when they moved in (usually the common eggshell white color) simply did not reflect their tastes. In fact, if there is one thing that you choose to do during your remodeling excursion, make sure it is painting as it can add new life to your home.

The color of paint you choose is also limitless as it is what you like. If a bright and vivid purple is the color you want to see every day then, by all means, the walls are your canvas. However, sometimes it can be daunting to undergo a drastic color change. Most people, in this situation, start small such as in a bathroom or hallway to see how the paint is actually going to turn out. Therefore, you should paint your bathroom and if you like it, move on to bigger rooms such as the kitchen.

The kitchen is probably the most versatile room in the house for remodeling. Not only can you paint your kitchen to reflect your tastes, but there is no shortage of other renovations you can make. A lot of people choose to replace all of the appliances with sleek, new, energy-efficient models, or at least replace some appliance parts here and there if needed.

One of the most popular renovations, aside from a paint job, that homeowners do is new cabinets. If you like custom work, then the cabinets, drawers, and cupboards know no boundaries. There are so many options available when it comes to custom cabinet work and, of course, you have the option of hiring a contractor (make sure it’s a reputable one) as well.

Once you finish in the kitchen, you have the entire house left to play with. Your living room and master bedroom are probably next on the chopping block as they usually get a lot of “living” in. These rooms are where painting really goes a long way. Your personality can be reflected on the walls of your living room for you and any guests to admire. Moreover, you have thousands of color choices available to you. Simply take a drive over to Lowes Hardware or Home Depot and check out their paint section. You would be surprised at how much time you can spend looking at all of your painting options.

As you probably know already, a home is probably the most expensive, important, and sentimental purchases you will make in your lifetime and quite a bit of time will be spent there. Therefore, remodeling is your chance to make a home “your home.” Add your own custom touch to it, and even better, make every aspect of the house unique. Your home could end up, if it is not already, the best home on the block. Wouldn’t it be something if your remodel was so great that it actually increased the property value of those around you?

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