Refinshing a Laminate Countertop


Our house was built in the early “90’s”. With all the blue, needless to say, I was a little tired of light blue.

Here is a picture of it almost done. The total cost of refinishing the counters was $150.00.

I replaced my gold hardware with black hardware (not the one showing), and decided on a dark granite looking finish for the counters. After reading about this technique online, I went to my local home decorating retailer and bought a black glossy paint for the main color. I purchased cream, tan, accent color paint samples for under $5.00 each.

I tinted the primer to gray since I was using such a dark base in my design. I also incorporated the gray color into the design.

After priming, I painted a tan layer and left gray showing in-between..then a cream layer. I made sure to leave some of the gray primer and tan showing as I went. Last of all, I sponged on the black glossy paint to get the color and design I liked.

I had my husband do the last detail by coating it with several polyurethane layers until we were satisfied with the look. (It stays tacky for quite awhile)

It was a lot of fun, even for a novice like me. It was really hard on my husband who put all the man hours years ago to see all the changes.

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