Quality Paint and Materials Equals a Successful Painting Project


Quality paint and materials can make all the difference between a “paint job” or a quality, long lasting, finish for your home. Quality to be proud of!


A common reason why most people have painting problems is selection of materials. There is no such thing as a good inexpensive can of paint! Usually you get exactly what you pay for, paint and painting materials being no exception.

Better quality paints will give more square footage per gallon, easy touch up and longer life. Invest in a quality product from the start. After all, you don’t want to be painting your house again in 12 months because of “cheap” materials. This can be very expensive.

Which Paint to Buy

Quality is determined by the grade and type of pigments, resins or binders. Don’t just buy name brand and think you are purchasing a good quality product; all manufacturers make an inexpensive paint. They must, to provide for all markets.

  • A $15 a gallon of low grade paint offers new color and a fresh appearance. Don’t try to wash or touch it up, it won’t hold up to cleaning or wear.
  • A $40 gallon of the same manufacturers top line paint has premium pigments more resin, and less water. This paint will give you more coverage per gallon, washes – touches up well, and lasts much longer.


With reference to exterior paints, it could save a lot with water damage and wood or siding replacement. Go with the medium and top grade paints, you’ll be glad you did, in the long run it will save time, money and headaches.

Painting your house can be rewarding, but you must consider all aspects before starting your paint project, so you can finish your project safely and efficiently. Quality paint and materials will last longer and “look better” longer without quick fading and failure.

If you want professional results, start with careful preparation and quality products. A successful paint project includes quality paint, other materials and planning. If there is any doubt on which products or materials to buy or use, consult your local paint store or professional.

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Pro Color Painting is a commercial & residential painting contractor in Jacksonville. A full service painting and pressure cleaning service.

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