Paint First or Install Flooring and Baseboards First?


Customers ask us all the time about if they should paint first or install their flooring and/or baseboards first.

Here’s a question we received through email and the answer we gave:


Should I paint first or install my baseboards? I for sure would paint the ceiling and walls before installing new floorings. Not too sure about the baseboards…which obviously have to be installed after the new floorings are in. But should I paint them before installing them? I am worried that it would be too difficult to paint installed baseboards and at the same time keep the new flooring clean. Suggestions?


You should paint in this order:

  1. Ceilings and walls.
  2. Interior doors and trim (all should be done before the flooring).
  3. The baseboards should be primed and painted with one coat.
  4. Install flooring.
  5. Install new baseboards.
  6. Spot-prime and then add another coat of paint to baseboards because it lessens the chances that something happens to your floors (since now you only have to spot-prime and add one coat).

Make sure the floors are covered appropriately and keep a wet rag handy.
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