Where did paint come from?


Budgeting for your interior house painting project? Maybe you are planning on upgrading your room. Have you ever wondered what paint product you should use? The oldest house paint was made of lime mixed with milk and sometimes natural pigments. King Tut’s tomb was painted with milk paint! Even the White House was originally painted with a lime-based whitewash. Paint has come a long way.

Repairs & Paints uses the most modern and eco safe paints available. Using products like acrylic and latex paint formulas with high and low resin bases to prevent mold and mildew growth. Low to zero voc products that are safe for newborns and anyone with asthma are great year round. About 10% of ALL paint we buy in the US is eventually thrown out, and the majority of that is paint bought for residential projects. That’s more than 60,000,000 gallons down the drain!

Now that you have considered your products make up, what about color! Throughout history a red front door has symbolized many things, from a safe place for travelers to stop for the night to having a fully paid mortgage. Do these colors still carry weight? Thinking about color schemes, and matching patterns is hard enough. Look for inspiration in similar colorful situations. What do you want your home to say about you? Historical colors, rich in blues, reds, and yellows. Modern interior design colors using grays and accents for your home. Green for the more enlightened minds maybe? Green is the color of nature,-fertility, life. Grass green is the most restful color. Green symbolizes self-respect and well-being. Green is the color of balance. It also means learning, growth and harmony. Green is a safe color, if you don’t know what color to use anywhere use green.

Is color the most important factor when painting your home? Is white really going to make your home look clean and new? How does the condition of your walls affect its overall appearance? Most homes use drywall in their homes. The name “drywall” refers to the fact that walls made of the material are installed without the use of water. Before world war two, most homes used labor intensive plaster. With all of our hardworking drywall installers overseas, manufacturing drywall quickly became a builders choice. The good news is, repairing drywall surfaces is a much easier task than working with plaster products. Ask a specialist what he can do to make your walls look like new, before painting.

It was the Greek philosopher Plato who discovered that you can mix two different paint colors together to produce a third color. House painters and artists alike were once expected to grind their own pigments with a mortar and pestle, which may be why there was a time when only well off people in the US would have had a painted house. Now with thousands of colors to choose from, differing in tones and lighting, the sky is the limit. Everyone has their home painted. It is best to use professional house painters. Saving time, and money while achieving a pristine painting job. There are about 320,000 painter jobs in the U.S. employing around 13% of our country. Leave your house painting jobs to the local professionals in your area.

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