Interior Design: Don’t Overlook the Importance of Color


Repainting the walls is one of the most common renovation projects as it is quite affordable but can have a large impact on the overall interior design. That said, you mustn’t let the color choice become an afterthought. Many people are scared to make drastic changes to their walls but the truth is that the color in itself can change the atmosphere of a room completely. Here are some of the effects you can produce by simply choosing the right paint color.

The illusion of space

It is no news that you can create an optical illusion and make your room appear bigger by using a light color on your walls. Most often, people go for white – it reflects light the most effectively, making the room not only bright but also spacious while also bringing in a clean and pure look. But white does not have to be the only option. In fact, in some cases, white can create a sterile atmosphere that will not be pleasant to spend time in. You can also create the illusion of space by painting your ceiling, trims and doors all the same color. Blush pink and soft beige are great choices for this.

Warmth and coziness

On the other hand, some rooms benefit more from an intimate, more closed atmosphere than brightness and openness. Thankfully, colors can serve you well here, too. Choosing darker shades will benefit rooms that receive less natural light or that you want to appear more private. For instance, soft black can be a great neutral choice for a bedroom. In rooms where you want a cozy atmosphere, dark, sophisticated shades will be more beneficial than pastels. Keep in mind, though, that painting the ceiling to a dark color as well can make it feel lower!

Using color psychology

Besides your own color preferences, it is important that you keep the basics of color psychology in mind too when deciding on your colors. Different colors affect the psyche differently, and you can use this to your advantage while also steering clear of making a mistake. For instance, blues have a calming effect, while reds are energizing and yellows can make you cheerful. Still, you have to think critically about them. For instance, cool blue is not recommended for rooms with little natural light and yellow can be irritating, according to studies.

Making it look elegant and expensive

Making your home look more expensive on a budget can be a challenge. The good news is that the right colors can make your space look more elegant and sophisticated. Some bold shades, such as deep purple are particularly opulent and will make your room look expensive immediately, but certain understated hues can also achieve an elegant effect. Light taupe, for instance, can combine well with metallic accents and produce a very eye-catching but at the same time subdued look. Painting the walls and the trim the same color can also add to the sophistication of the room, but only if it’s done meticulously. If you don’t want your room to turn out shabby instead of elegant, you should entrust this job to experienced professional painters.

The orientation of the room is important

Finally, another thing that plays an important part in choosing the right color is the orientation of the room in question. For instance, painting a north-facing room white can be a mistake. The amount of light this room receives works better with darker wall paint. On the other hand, south-facing rooms benefit from light hues that emphasize the natural light they get. There is a lot of room to play with color if you observe the nature of each of your rooms. For instance, a west-facing room can turn magical in the warm afternoon sun if the walls complement this with a similarly warm shade.


As you can see, the issue of wall color is more complex than meets the eye and choosing the right shade goes beyond just preference. You should keep the aforementioned tips in mind when coming up with the right color combinations throughout your home and matching your furniture to your newly painted walls.

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