How To Pick The Best Color Scheme For Your Garage


For some people, their garage is just a place to park their car, nothing more. In other words, they don’t really give much thought about making it look great. As long as things are clean and orderly, a spartan-looking garage will do.

Many homeowners, however, see their garage as more than just a parking spot. To them, their garage is an integral part of their home and, therefore, must look just as impressive as the rest of the house.

There are many ways to make your garage look as attractive as you want.

Does your garage door look old and worn out? A garage door replacement is in order, then.

Does your garage look a bit dull and drab? If so, then you can give the entire area new life by painting it. And if you’re going to take this route, you must choose your garage paint colors well. Here are some tips for picking a color scheme for your garage.

Choose Colors That Work Well With Each Other

For your garage to look striking to anyone who lays eyes on it, it’s essential that you choose colors that complement each other effectively.

Whatever color you choose for your garage walls, cabinets, floor, and garage door interior, make sure to avoid using colors that clash, like gray and brown, red and green, or purple and yellow.

With the right combination of colors, your garage will be an area of your home that you will be proud of to just about anyone.

Go For Neutral Colors For Your Garage Walls and Ceilings

Considering that lighter colors reflect light better, it’s always best to pick them for the walls and ceilings of your garage.

Some would automatically go for white, but keep in mind that white and other lighter shades can be hard to maintain, as they make dirt and grime more readily visible. For easier cleaning and maintenance, choose neutral colors like beige, tan, or grey for your garage’s wall and ceilings.

Choose One Accent Color

If you’re going for simplicity, then going for one solid color would be good enough. However, wanting an accent color for the trim of your garage door and other smaller features is okay, too. Just stick to one color, if possible, and be a little more conservative in its use. It is, after all, an accent color.

You can go for multiple accent colors if you want, but be careful about your choices because you wouldn’t want clashing colors all over your garage.

In the end, picking colors for your garage is a very subjective thing. We all have our color preferences, and it’s entirely possible that what may look gorgeous for you may seem a bit too loud for someone else. Hopefully, the tips listed above can serve as a basic guide that will lead to a great-looking color scheme for your garage that you can be proud enough of to show off to people.


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