How to Choose the Right Colors for Your Workplace


Many factors can influence the productivity and creativity of your workforce and one of them is definitely the color they are surrounded with. If you see their performance dropping, it might be time to look into some new hues you can implement in the office that can be beneficial for their motivation. Here are some aspects you should keep in mind when it comes to choosing the right color as well as some suggestions which you can follow. Take a look.

What to keep in mind

While each color has its own effect on people, there are some other things you should think about first. For starters, the size of your space plays a big role here. Smaller offices are better suited for shades like white and beige because these hues create an illusion of spaciousness. On the other hand, a large room will benefit from darker shades because they make the space more cozy and compact.
Another factor is the type of business you are running. It is usually expected of serious businesses to have a neutral palette in order to exude professionalism. However, bright and warm colors are a great way to boost the energy of the workers. Moreover, different colors are recommended for different types of jobs. For instance, blues and greens induce calm and relaxation for stressful professions like those of attorneys and accountants. Engineers are said to thrive in gray, tan and brown shades, while writers and designers do great in yellow and orange rooms.

It can sometimes be hard to pick the right option for your business seeing as how there are so many choices out there. If you’re having troubles, don’t hesitate to turn to professionals. For instance, experts from A Professional Painting will be glad to give you advice when it comes to finding the shade that is perfect for your space.
All that said, let’s take a closer look at some of the colors at your disposal.

White and off-white

Like we said, white works great for small offices but if you think it is too sterile for your business, you can consider some of the many off-white hues which are not as clinical but still give off a clean vibe. Plus, these colors go with everything. This is a great opportunity to introduce several accents in a bold shade.


We previously mentioned that yellows are great for writers and designers but the truth is they are suitable for all sorts of creatives simply because of their ability to get one’s creativity flowing. Going for a pastel yellow should not be too hard on anyone’s eyes and it is a shade that can be accented with brown or white items. So, if you want to boost optimism, positivity, friendliness and happiness, yellow’s your color.


Too much orange can be overwhelming, so maybe go for just one wall or some details in this shade. However, orange is often associated with warmth and comfort so think about using it for your break room or lounge. Also, it stimulates hunger so it’s often used in kitchens (and fast-food joints).


Blue is probably the most common color in offices, simply because it represents efficiency and communication, in addition to creating a relaxing space where it’s easy to focus. Seeing as how it also evokes the feeling of trust, it works towards creating a better relationship among your employees.


When looking to achieve a natural and harmonious environment, go for green. This color is easy on the eyes and it allows people to recharge their batteries.


A color that is great for boosting productivity is brown. It also promotes stability and looks professional. Furthermore, in addition to green, browns create an earthy vibe in the office as well.


Gray is a tricky color. It can either look super modern and sleek or it can be quite depressing. So, if you decide on this hue, make sure you do it carefully and with professional help.

There are so many different shades of all these colors to choose from and some that we haven’t even mentioned, like red and purple, which are mostly used for accents. Seeing as how there is a wide variety of choices, keep in mind what each color represents and what your business stands for and you should have no issues choosing the right color for your workspace.



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