5 Unexpected Ways to use Paint in a Room


Using paint in an unexpected way can create drama and character in a space. Break out of your comfort zone and try using one of these 5 ways to transform a room that would be otherwise ordinary and predictable into something extraordinary and unexpected.

1. Use a bold paint color as an accent wall

This may be considered more expected rather than unexpected, however, it is still a fantastic way to use a bolder paint color in a room. Using a fun paint color to create an accent wall is an easy and inexpensive way to bring color into a space. Instead of painting a solid color, switch things up and try using a stencil to create a wallpapered look. This will add a bit more interest and character to the wall.

2. Colored trim, molding, and baseboards – paint your trim an unexpected color

When it comes to the trim around a room we generally assume the color white and think nothing else of it. But trim is the perfect opportunity to bring in color to an otherwise untouched area of the room. The color will add some visual interest and really make all the trim work stand out. Go as bold as your heart desires with a deep black or keep it monochromatic by using the same paint color as your walls. Regardless of the color you choose, painting the trim a color other than white is sure to make a statement in any room.

3. Paint your Fireplace

A fireplace is a feature in a room that is most often the focal point. Painting it will affect the way it blends into the space. To make it come center stage, choose a paint color that contrasts the wall color. You can also go with a two-toned look to really make it pop. To create more of a subdued look,  opt for neutral paint colors. The neutral color will help the fireplace blend in with the overall room design.

4. Paint your interior doors

The interior doors of a home are most often white. Like the trim, this is an area of the room left untouched after the walls have been painted. In smaller rooms, a white door can break up the space causing the room to feel smaller. To make it feel more spacious, paint the doors the same color as your walls. This will create a seamless flow in the room. Larger rooms can handle more color so you can go bolder with the paint color on the interior doors. To make the doors fit in with the overall scheme of your home, use something that is in the same color family as the walls. For example, if the walls are painted a light gray, choose a gray a shade or two darker. This will continue with the color scheme of the home while still adding some contrast.

5. Paint your floors.

Painting the floors of your home can seem very intimidating. Questions like, “Will they be durable?” and  “Will they last?” are both certainly areas of concern. However, there are special paints made specifically for floors, so that shouldn’t stop you. Using paint on your floors is an easy way to update old outdated floors when you are on a budget. Create a seamless look with a solid color or use a stencil to achieve a tiled look. This is a great opportunity to create flooring customized to your taste.


If you are looking for a way to create drama and add character to your home, try using paint in one of these ways. It is guaranteed to make a statement.

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