Giving Your Paint Job the Finishing Touch


Painting adds more than just color to a room. Depending on your finish, painting can create texture, brightness, or shine. Or, it can tone down the highlights for a more subdued, earthy elegance.

The finish you choose does much to bring your color to life and determine the mood of the room.

Repainting makes for a quick, inexpensive, and easy makeover. Prior to getting started, prepare your surface to ensure proper application and adherence. Experts say this step is 75 to 80 percent of the job.

Then, when you’re ready to choose a color, remember that many different finishes are available to help step your remodel up a notch. Here are some of them.


Matte finishes absorb rather than reflect light. This flat finish also works well to disguise imperfections in any room of the house while adding a lush quality to your wall. Most every color comes with a matte option. Try using a matte finish with an Old World bath or Southwestern family room.


Eggshell is also considered a matte finish, though it includes a slight sheen. Perfect for adding a little extra something to your bedroom decor.


True to its name, a satin finish is smooth and silky, without being bright or glossy. It is popular in high-use rooms and even the ceiling for its durability and easy cleaning. Let a satin finish brighten your kitchen triangle!


Be careful not to use this highlighting finish around imperfections. A shiny finish, semi-gloss is often used for trims and doors.


This finish blends colors and creates a subtle design with sponging. Apply a base paint first, and use the sponge to apply a glaze color.


Some examples of this finish include Venetian plaster, popcorn, or sandwash. Adding texture to a smooth wall creates richness and artistic possibilities. It is also a convenient way to cover up blemishes. Try purchasing texture paint, additives for paint, or roller covers to achieve your desired texture.

As you can see, the possibilities are endless. Have fun with your painting project, and be sure to work with a certified painting contractor.

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