Fixing Quirks In Your House Through Colors


Ask an artist, and they’ll tell you how colors can make so much of a difference to, well, anything. There’s color present in every part of the things that surround us. In fact, there are different colors in us too, right from our skin, to our hair, eyes, clothes we wear and so on. Colors work well together and also individually, and this is where an artist’s perception can come into play. Which paint color brings out dimension? Which two paint colors can create the perfect contrast? All of this and more can apply to many situations but today, let’s talk about your home.

A home is nothing short of a masterpiece if you think about it. A simple drawing turns into a blueprint and then eventually turns into a full-fledged structure with multiple utilities and a unique look. It’s fascinating to see how the optimal use of space can turn a simple building into a home for a number of people.


However, not all structures are foolproof, and there’s more than just a sound blueprint required to really bring out the beauty in some. Does it feel like your house could be one of those? That maybe there’s a hidden potential that you haven’t unlocked yet? As a commercial painter in Columbus, Ohio, Sharper Impressions Painting strongly believes that the perfect colors of paint can do wonders to the overall outlook of absolutely any home and transform it into anything you desire.

Let’s look at a few ways that colors can fix the quirks in your home and give it a new look:


1. Illusion of space

This trick works wonders for smaller spaces and homes that could look a little less cramped if possible. The solution? Use a lot of white or ivory paint. White is a great paint color to make any space look even more spacious and inviting, and it certainly gives the illusion of a room being larger than it actually is. Not just the walls, even the doors and window frames can be painted white or an off-white shade to have a super breezy but spaced-out look.


2. Color pop

If you’re trying to add some life into your home with bright colors but don’t want to overdo it either, a single wall with a pop color is the perfect idea. A single bright teal, orange, red or even cobalt blue wall in a room or the living/dining area would look very appealing, and also give you a chance to color coordinate the furniture in that space with the wall’s color. And there, just like that, you have a modern-contemporary home with just the right amount of color.


3. Greyscale

Now, not all of us like bright paint colors and that’s okay, because there is one color that pretty much goes with every mood and setting: grey. Grey is a versatile yet subtle color that makes it presence felt without being too overbearing. You could play around with lighter and darker shades of grey for a toned-down, modernistic look for your dining area, kitchen and also bathrooms. In fact, grey isn’t a bad color to consider for the exterior of your home either.


4. Follow a theme

If you’re looking to turn the repainting of your house into a fun project, you could also play around with themes and specific color patterns. For example, a medieval theme, monochrome, tropical, festive; there are so many possible themes that you could keep as the central focus throughout the look of your home, and colors play a huge part in making the look believable and authentic. Yes, the planning might take slightly longer, but the end result will be quite delightful!


5. Play with patterns

So far, we’ve spoken primarily about solid paint colors, so let’s also look at patterns. Painting can be a very innovative process, and creating patterns with different shapes, color combinations and contrasts is also an interesting way to give more dimension to your home. When it comes to patterns, very loud or bright colors can be a little overbearing, but that does also depend on personal preferences. Instead, lighter or medium-tone colors look much more pleasing to the eye, and can also be represented in different patterns. Again, bright colors are just as versatile, and the choice is always up to you.


The great thing about playing with colors while painting is the number of possible options. You can really experiment with it or go for tried and tested methods. Either way, you know you’re going to end up with something that truly gives a brand new, transformed look to your dwelling space. It’s always a good idea to consult with professionals too so that you’ll get a fairer idea of what you want for your home and its new look. Colors are always versatile, so you can use that to your advantage!

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