Exterior Painting Guide To Improve Curb Appeal


The simple act of painting the outside of your house is one of the easiest ways to add value to your home. People assume that the outside of your home reflects on the family who lives there. Keeping the exterior looking tidy, fresh, and charming is necessary. Yet how does one begin this outdoor project? Here are some suggestions on how to make your house look eye-catching.

Before you Begin

If you have decided to invest in boosting your curb appeal, then make sure you have a budget and plan for the necessary improvements. If you are going to paint, then make sure you do it right. Invest in good quality brushes, primers, paint, stains, and sealants to keep that new paint job looking fresh for the years to come.

Tidying up your Trims

Freshening up the exterior trims can make a massive difference in curb appeal. Add a fresh pop of colour or just freshen up the existing colour. This will help the architectural details pop. Try colour coordinating the front window trims with the door colour.

Go bold with the front door

Painting the front door is a cheap and easy DIY for beginners. it costs around $75. Use a bold colour that fits in with the overall colour of the house. Make sure you hold up a colour swatch or use the Front Door Paint app which will let you virtual try out colours.

Stain your garage

New garage doors are expensive. However, you can rejuvenate your garage door by painting it a new colour. Power wash it to make it clean. Wait until it is completely dry then stain it the colour you have chosen. The whole thing takes about three hours to complete!

Freshen up the outdoor furniture

Outdoor furniture can improve your curb appeal. Nothing says welcoming and inviting like the small detailing of the patio furniture. Adding a quick coat of paint can give that rocking chair a new lease on life and add value to your home.

Symmetry in colour

Most house architecture is done symmetrically, so our eye will be drawn to balancing out the colour. To help make sure you have your exterior colours well balanced, divide your house down the centre of the front door with your eye and see if it is symmetrical.

Maintain all porch railings

If you are lucky to have a grand front porch, make sure you keep them looking beautiful and well maintained. It can seriously detract if they are worn down and in need of repair. Repair any broken slats and refresh the paint to help draw positive attention to your home.

Do not neglect your roof tiles

Your roof is visible from the road and nobody wants to see old, mouldy tiles. Consider painting the tiles a few shades darker than the exterior of your house or try going with a contrasting colour that still looks good with house paint.

Add some decorative touches

Another thing to spice up your curb appeal is adding little decorative touches that personalise your home. Try painting your light fixtures to match the trim or adding some hanging flower baskets, with little painted designs on the pots.

Spruce up your Fence

A well -maintained fence adds curb appeal and security. Tinge the fence a few shades lighter than the main exterior colour of your house. This will help brighten up the overall feel of your home and garden.

Porch ceilings and siding

The final step to the homeowner’s exterior makeover is to check and look at the ceilings on your porch and the exterior siding panels. If you have put work into sprucing up and improving your curb appeal, then forgetting to touch up the porch ceilings and sidings will leave the job looking half done. Paint the porch roof a lighter colour than the house to create a more open and airy feeling space. Repair any damaged siding and a fresh coat of paint.

The following are excellent ways to boost your home’s visual appeal on the outside. By painting the exterior, you will give a new lease on life to your home and boost its curb appeal.


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