What Makes Commercial Painters Different From The Residential Painters?


Undoubtedly, painting adds beauty and liveliness to the building no matter whether it is residential or commercial. But the selection of the right painter might bring major differences either providing the best outcome or get an undesired result in return. Although painting work might sound similar for both residential and commercial projects, there are massive differences in both the painting works. Similarly, the work of the residential and commercial painters differs a lot.

Residential painters, as the name suggests are proficient in providing residential painting jobs like homes, apartments, and so on. Commercial painters specialize in commercial painting projects including hotels, malls, hospitals, shopping complexes, and many more such establishments which is entirely based on better marketing through painting skills. There are certain factors that differentiate between the two projects.

A Glimpse on The Differences Between Residential and Commercial Painters

  • The strength of the team: Residential painting generally involves a few numbers of painters pertaining to two or three depending upon the type of residential project. This is because their jobs are simpler and confine to smaller areas. Commercial painting involves a wide range of painting services. Hence, there is involvement of many painters. As intricate detailing is required, specialized tools and equipment are engaged in commercial painting projects. Many painters are involved in order to accomplish the work in the scheduled time.
  • Experience: As compared to the residential painters, commercial painters possess enough experience and expertise in the painting job. Moreover, only a professional team of painters are engaged in the commercial painting works in order to avoid any uncertain situation in the future. On the other hand, residential painters should be excellent in communicating well with the homeowners. Special attention should be paid on protecting the interior and durable furniture.
  • Typical works performed: As commercial painters cover a large area; utmost attention is paid on the efficacy. Some of the services these painters include are power washing, exterior and interior painting, HOA or homeowner association painting, hotel remodeling, church painting, logo and decorative painting, masonry repair, and many more. Residential painters provide wall and ceiling painting services, aluminum sliding painting, cedar staining, wood repair, and replacement, sealing and wood trim painting and other such type of services.
  • Government regulations: The commercial painters are bound to work within the norms and regulations as laid by the government of the country. As the safety of the public is an important concern, any mismatch might be subject to legal obligations. In order to manage the project appropriately, it is important to work within the rules and regulations of the government. Residential painters are not bound to follow the rules strictly, but they should take active steps and necessary precautions so as to avoid hazardous impact.
  • Work scale: Commercial painters undertake take large-scale project even including industries. Typically, the commercial painting companies engage many employees that excel in different service aspects. Residential painters, on the other hand, usually take small-scale jobs and work at one spot at a time. As they are a few in numbers, they try to finish up one project at a time quickly.

In A Nutshell

Both types of painters are recognized and experienced professionals. However, it entirely depends upon the homeowners or business owners how well they choose the painting contractors. As both home and business are an asset, it would be wise to engage experts while dealing with painting work or painters. Any wrong decision might drastically affect your investment and the result you would obtain will not be up to the mark. Request free quotes from at least three or four painting companies before coming to any decision. Compare and analyze the services before you hire them.

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