Taking the Right Steps for Painting Your Newly Constructed Home


Moving into a brand new home is an exciting and adventurous process, but it’s not as easy as people think. There are lots of things you need to take into consideration and a ton of work that needs to be done, so you should start taking care of everything as soon as possible. Painting the walls is one of the first projects you need to look into, and it’s a project that’s going to set the tone for everything else. So, in order to handle this job properly, you need to be patient, precise and delicate, and here are some of the steps you should take.


Clean everything first

If you’ve just installed brand new walls, the chances are they’re completely covered in dust, and you can’t apply paint to a dusty wall. So, you have to clean it first and make sure it has a smooth and even finish. Yes, this may sound like the most boring job in the world, but it’s still something that needs to be done if you want your walls to look amazing in the years to come as well.

The best way to do this is by removing the biggest portion of the dust using a microfiber cloth. Then move onto the more powerful stuff and use your vacuum cleaner that will get the job done in no time at all. Doing all of this could take a significant portion of your time, but keep in mind that all walls need cleaning before painting, especially newly constructed so, so it’s definitely necessary.


Apply the primer

The problem with brand new walls is that they need another step before you can actually cover them with paint – applying the primer. Not all old walls require this step, but new ones do unless you want to keep repainting them once a month. Therefore, find the right primer – most people seem to use the so-called PVA drywall primers because they work with different types of walls – and apply it to your walls.

When it comes to choosing the color, try to find a primer that matches the color you’re planning on applying on your walls, just to make sure every inch of your walls is covered equally. The process of applying the primer is quite easy, and you can do it using a simple roller you can find in all paint shops from Australia to Mexico.


Find out how much paint you’ll need

Figuring out how much paint you’ll need in order to completely cover your new walls isn’t easy, and you might need some help. Not all walls require the same amount of paint, which is why lots of people in Australia, for instance, consult the people who took part in constructing their homes and ask their reliable builders from Melbourne about the walls they’ve built. So, talk to them, ask as many questions as you need, and it will be easier for you to figure out how much paint you’ll need.

Still, try not to buy too much or not enough paint, because you’ll end up wasting your money. Of course, you should always get a bit more than you need, so keep the leftover paint close by in case you need to do some touch-ups in the future.


Get the tools

You can’t paint your walls without proper tools, and the best thing to do is get them all at once when buying your paint. That’s when you can talk to the people in your paint shop and ask them for help. In general, you don’t need too many tools, but buy only those that are quality and durable.

Some of the tools you’ll need include tapes, paint trays, ladders, paint rollers, and a few smaller brushes. Besides these, think about getting a few of those drop cloths that will help you minimize the mess you’ll make, as well as a convertible extension pole you’ll definitely need if you’re painting the ceiling and don’t want to use a ladder to reach those high corners.


In theory, painting newly constructed walls might sound hard, but it’s not that challenging in reality. You just need to get organized and know what you’re doing, and you’ll eventually end up with the nicest walls in the area!

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