Painting Your Living Room


Are you ready to redecorate your living room? You need to choose a color, a theme, and a pattern you want to go with. There are several different ways to achieve this look but first start with the color of paint you will use.

Are you trying to create a bright and cheerful look or a warm and relaxing look in your living room? The color you choose will ultimately change the way that you feel when you are in this room. Have everyone in the house sit down in the living room and decide how they want the room to feel to them when they are in there. You may be surprised at what they have to say.

Before you make this important decision consider a living room that you have walked into before that you liked. It may have given you an uplifting feeling or a warm and cuddly feel when you sat down. These feelings are important when you decide on a color for your living room. Because this decision is so important, you need to take a little longer before you make your final decision.

Remember the golden rule in painting; the lighter the shade the larger the room will feel. If your room is too large then you can use a dark color to make it seem a little smaller. You can use a dark color for other reasons. Maybe you simply like the color and it makes you feel good.

Don’t be afraid to use bold colors. People tend to choose pastel colors to avoid choosing a particular color because pastel colors are safe. Step out of that box and choose a color that is bold and makes a statement. Be sure to decide what type of look that you want to go for before you purchase the paint.

Don’t assume that the living room needs to be very colorful. A living room can portray a clean look too. In order to get a clean look, you need to use neutral colors like beige, tan, or slate. These are all colors that you can match with almost everything. Choosing a neutral color for the walls will give you the freedom to choose bright colors to accessorize the room.

If you have an area rug, a blanket, or a curtain color that you like the most, you can decorate the living room around that one color. Bring out that particular color by placing a neutral color on the walls and in the rest of the decor. If you can match that color with other coordinating colors, you can create a complete look. However, this is not always possible.

Color is everything to a room and to every part of your life. You want to create your own personal style with a new look in your living room. If nothing else, paint your walls and see what happens to your entire decor. You don’t have to change anything else to get a brand new look.

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