The Effect of Colors – Important to know before making the final choice.


When choosing the right color for your home, you should ask yourself some questions first: What’s the room orientation? The light, whether natural or artificial, influences the look of any color.

If the room faces north, you should chose warm colors to reduce coldness. If the room faces south, interior colors will have warm reflection, which allows you to use a “colder” color pattern. Eastern or western illumination gives a mild red note to everything.

Should a room size be visually corrected?
Light and cold colors make the walls and furniture look more distant, so we use these colors to visually increase the room dimensions. Dark warm colors create a welcome feeling but also reduce the room dimensions; therefore, such colors should be reserved for large spaces.

What is the purpose of a room?
Neutral or pastel colors are the most appropriate for a bedroom or a living room; light shades of blue or green can freshen up a bathroom; red or purple details in the kitchen inspire creativity.

Here are a few useful tips how to match a color with the space you want painted.

  • Light colors and reflecting white shades which usually give a “cold note” are a good choice for a room well exposed to sunlight; such colors are calming and reduce effects of heat.
  • Dark colors are suitable for places in colder climate, and also work well for bedrooms. They give a warm feeling, preventing cold in a way. Dark red shade is perfect for a library or a study, especially if there is a fire place in it. But keep in mind that the shade should not be too dark. In cold climate conditions, day light is already diminished, and you wouldn’t want to lose too much of it.
  • If you live in a warm climate, or if your room is too exposed to the sun light, you should avoid dark colors. They are “hot” by themselves and might provoke feeling of stuffiness.
  • Red, red-orange or a quince-like colors should be added in cold rooms or rooms facing north. Very warm rooms or rooms facing south can be “cooled down” by blue, blue-pink or blue-green shades.


Ceilings and walls are usually the first thing a person notices, and the way they look is very important; the right color often means a good first impression of your space.

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