Sophisticated Dining Room Paint Colors


Creating a sophisticated dining room begins with the paint colors that you choose for the walls. Some colors are perfect for everyday dining, while others lend themselves nicely to more sophisticated decor. The three color combination’s below will get you started on your way to creating a dining room that has style and class written all over it.

Gray and White

No two colors are more formal than gray and white. Whether the dining room in question is big or small, a gray and white decor will instantly create a feeling of sophistication.

Deciding how to paint a room using these two colors can be challenging though. Some options include painting the walls a sleek white and including gray painted furniture, such as, a hutch or wine rack. Another option is to paint the bottom half of the wall gray and the top half white. A chair rail that has been painted white can be used to separate the top and bottom areas of the wall. White and gray stripes are another option for a formal dining room decor. Choose a light gray that is very subtle and paint thin gray accent stripes on a white wall.

The trick to using gray and white together is to make sure that the colors do not overpower each other. Create a balance between the two for the most effective painting effect.

Delft Blue and Cream

If you are attempting a French decor, the colors that best define that look are cream and a medium delft blue. These two colors are frequently used in French fabrics and thus, can coordinate perfectly with padded chairs and window treatments. When painting the walls, consider painting the lower half of the wall cream and the top blue. This will help draw the eye up and add color at first glance. By putting the blue at the top, the option to accent the wall with sophisticated white wrought iron pieces or white framed artwork is available. Delft blue and cream are also common colors in china, so they will coordinate with the room’s accenting decor, as well.

Red Burgundy and Pale Gold

If the dining room decor you desire is a bit more elaborate than lighter colors allow, select a darker pairing with red burgundy and pale gold. Begin by choosing a main piece that contains the two colors that will be the inspiration for the room. It can be window treatments, a table centerpiece or the fabric on the dining room chairs that will tie the colors together. You have the option of painting the walls a deep red burgundy or a pale gold, as either will look sophisticated. Pale gold may be a better option for rooms that are smaller or that receive little natural lighting, whereas, burgundy is dramatic enough for a large dining room space. Intermingle the colors in table settings, wall decor and accent pieces throughout the room. This color combination is a great deal more sophisticated than those with paler shades of paint.

No matter which color combination you choose for your sophisticated dining room decor, be sure that the furniture pieces in the room match it. If the room looks disjointed and is a mix of formal and informal, the sophisticated look that you hope for will not be achieved. Take the time to pick the perfect pieces, and the perfect paint, for the job.

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