Unexpected color catches the eye and lends interest to the overall look of a living space. For a quick and easy way to add drama, use paint to decorate spaces that would otherwise be ordinary and predictable. The following are some unexpected places you might want to impact with paint.


The trim, baseboard, and molding around a room are usually left untouched after the walls have been painted. In a crisp white shade, the contrast of the trim to the wall color highlights the detail of the room, and can lend a finished touch to the overall appearance. For an alternative look that is uncommon but very trendy, consider painting the trim the same color as the walls. The single color will unify the room’s appearance and bring a more contemporary look to traditional rooms. It can also draw attention to the furnishings in the space.

Front door:

The exterior of a home is the first thing visitors see, and gives a clue to the design sense of its inhabitants. Paint your front door an eye-catching color that contrasts with the typically neutral color of home exteriors. A dramatic red or black is very effective in adding an exciting pop of color. Other bright colors like cobalt blue or school bus yellow can make your house a welcoming and cheerful place to come home to.


Like the trim, the ceiling is often left neglected when sprucing up a room with paint. Add a dramatic touch to the room by splashing color on your ceiling. A ceiling in the same shade as the walls may result in a more intimate, cozy space. A ceiling painted in a contrasting color makes a huge impact on a room and can bring out the room’s colors more effectively. You may also want to consider stenciling patterns around the ceiling light fixture or in other areas to highlight the decorative and architectural features of the ceiling. This decorating idea draws the eye upward and adds interest to another dimension of the room.

Interior surfaces of shelving:

If you want to get the most pizzazz out of the accents in a room, a clever trick is to paint the back interior of a built-in bookcase or decorative shelf a contrasting color to the main accent color. Arranging your accessories on the shelves will allow them to stand out and attract the attention they deserve. For example, a bright blue background makes white china dishes on a shelf pop and adds a modern feel to the display.

Kitchen backsplash:

The backsplash wall in the kitchen often blends in with the rest of the furnishings and is a spot that usually goes unnoticed. By painting the area in an accent color, the look of the whole kitchen can be transformed. Try adding the color in a pattern that resembles tile, or draw a simple mural on the wall space that reflects your personality and the style of your kitchen.

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