Paint Ideas for a Guest Room in a Vacation House


The summer is quickly approaching and if you have a vacation home, chances are that you will be working to get it ready for your summer tenants. One of the best ways to freshen up the space and make the rooms look new is to paint the walls with a cheerful coat of paint. Use the painting ideas below to get you started and make this your best rental season yet.

Beach Bums

When it comes to decorating a beach home, homeowners have the advantage of being able to draw upon the natural colors of the beach for inspiration. In a guest room, consider painting the wall in two colors. The top half of the wall should be a lighter color, such as white or a light sand color. The bottom half of the wall can be a coordinating blue or blue green that matches the shades of the ocean. By drawing on the natural inspiration outside of the house, you give your vacationers the real feeling of being at the beach. Since the colors are also neutral, it makes it easier to decorate the rest of the room with accessories.

Mountain View

There is nothing like the cool, crisp mountain air to invigorate the senses. Bring the authentic mountain feel into your guest bedrooms by using traditional mountain cabin decor. Plaids are ideal for bedding and fabrics, but on the walls, you may want to try a unique finish. Instead of painting them a flat color, opt for a ragging or leathering technique to give them style and depth. This is particularly important if the walls are not in the best of shape, as the texture of the wall paint will help to hide some of the blemishes and imperfections in the wall’s surface.

Cool Contemporary

If your vacation home is an apartment overlooking a bustling city, the ideal decor is a contemporary and modern one. It will help give your guests that contemporary, big city experience they are looking for. While it is easy to find furniture, fabric and wall decor with contemporary lines, it can be difficult to choose the wall colors for such a space. Paint the walls white for an simple solution that also packs a punch. It is an easy way to brighten the space and when it combines with the furniture and fabric choices, it can be the perfect backdrop color. If white is too stark for your tastes, consider a light grey instead. It will give you the same modern feel, but will be less stark in nature.

How you decorate the guest rooms in your vacation home can play a big role in how much repeat business you get. If you take the time to decorate the rooms in a way that is pleasing to the senses, your guests will feel more comfortable and at home. The more comfortable they feel, the more likely they will be to return. Remember that it all starts with the color of the walls.

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