Paint Colors for a Masculine Bedroom


Creating the perfect masculine bedroom can be tricky. Most men seem to have less interest in decorating than women, but they still enjoy a well put together room that reflects their personality.

One of the biggest factors in creating a masculine room is to choose the perfect paint colors. The ideas below will help make selecting paint for a man’s bedroom a little bit easier.


Whether the gray color selected is dark or light, it is a great choice for a masculine bedroom. Gray has the sophistication that black and white can sometimes be lacking when used in bedroom decor. Although gray has been accented before with reds, maroons, oranges and yellows, for a more polished look, opt for black and white accents.

Gray walls with darker gray baseboards over a black carpet is perfect for a masculine room. White can be used for the crown molding or in accents scattered around the room. Metal is another great material for accents. Silver or chrome are excellent choices for furniture, curtain rods, bedside tables and clocks. They have the polished, masculinity that metal can always provide, as well as, a more sophisticated feel.


It was not long ago when brown was a despised color. It used to lack energy and vitality, while making bedrooms appear dark and gloomy. Thankfully, there are plenty of brown paint options available today that do away with that stereotype.

For a warm, rich, masculine bedroom, brown can be a fine choice. When looking at paint colors, choose a brown that has depth, character and warmth. Cool browns are unwelcoming and look more appropriate in commercial offices than they do in master bedrooms. Pick a brown that coordinates with other shades of browns and tans for a versatile approach to decorating the masculine bedroom. If stuck for inspiration, use a brown leather chair or ottoman as a starting point. Choose metal accessories and use black, navy blue or white for color accents.

Navy Blue

Blues have always been associated with the male gender. Baby boys are inundated with pastel blue clothes, toys and nurseries. As they get older, the blue that defines them become darker. For the bachelor, a great bedroom color is navy blue. When selecting a navy blue for the bedroom walls, choose one that has depth and life. Flat blues will do nothing for the room, but a navy blue with even a hint of mica flecks in it will create an entirely different feel.

Navy can be accented with gray or white for a sophisticated look, or reds and yellows for a more upbeat decor. For the best results, choose a blue that reflects the man’s personality and that works well in the room.

Designing a bedroom for a man can be challenging, but getting to know his personality and interests will help when choosing a color. Be bold with the bedroom’s design, but infuse calmness in the decor, as well.

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