House Painting – DIY or Call a Pro


If you’re thinking about renovating your home, there are plenty of home improvement projects you can tackle and the one that’s guaranteed to cross your mind is painting over your house. While a fresh coat of paint is definitely going to give your home a new look, one question remains – should you paint over your home yourself or have pros do it for you? If you seem to struggle with the answer, make sure you read on.

Painting interior walls

If you know a thing or two about using rollers, this is a project you can tackle yourself. Of course, if you decide to do it, you’re going to need some drop cloths, painter’s tape and a lot of free time. It’s also a good idea to plan ahead in order to avoid any mishaps that might result in an extensive cleanup once the project is done. This means you should remove your furniture and lay your drop cloths all over the floor. Moreover, you’ll need to buy quality paint in order to make the new paint job look good.

Patching a wall

When patching a wall, you’ll usually have to do some painting in order to make the patch less visible. Even though it’s hard to get the job done without leaving some marks, there’s no need to call in a pro in order to paint over the paint the portion of your wall you’ve painted on. Just make sure you use the same paint you’ve used for the rest of the wall. If you find the same paint, you can always consider the idea of repainting the entire wall, which is also something you can do yourself.

Painting hard to reach spaces

Chances are you have lofted ceiling or some other tall spaces in your home and if you want to paint these, turning to professionals may be your safest bet. This is the case because just like the most homeowners, you probably don’t have ladder taller than the standard 6 feet. Not only this, but even if you have the ladder, you’re putting yourself at risk of an injury. On the other hand, pros usually have enough experience to tackle even the hardest spaces to reach.

Adding a splash of color outdoors

Painting your exterior walls is a more difficult project than painting internal walls. Again, you probably don’t have the ladders that’ll do the trick. On top of that, you might be lacking expertise necessary to have the new paint job look uneven and patchy. This is mostly due to the fact that paint tends to dry in the sun way too faster than you can paint. But if you turn to experts who offer quality painting services, they’ll know exactly at what pace to paint at in order to ensure that the sunlight doesn’t cause any trouble.

Dealing with lead paint

Houses and apartments built before 1978 usually contain lead paint. Living in home painted with lead paint may not be a problem, but when it comes to repainting it, you’ll simply have to turn to professionals. This is due to the fact that lead paint dust and chips can have a negative impact on your health. It’s also important to mention that these can be extremely dangerous to kids and pregnant women. But if call in experts who offer lead removal services, they’ll come in coveralls and goggles and perform a proper clean-up for you.

Think about the project in front of you and you should be able to decide whether you can get the job done or you’ll have to turn to pros. If you go for the latter, make sure you choose local professional painters you can rely on.

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