Removing dust and grime from solid wood paneling.

Furniture Cleaning Does Not Have to be Complicated


Cleaning wood furniture is a chore that must be completed on occasion. Sometimes, the cleaning is as simple as using a rag to wipe down the furniture, and other times it involves attempting to remove difficult stains. There are many tips and tricks to making the wood furniture cleaning process simple and easy.

Following are some useful wood furniture cleaning tips that are sure to keep your furniture looking great.

Know Your Finish:

Is your wood furniture finished with lacquer? Is it finished with shellac? Is it finished with varnish? Something else? The type of finish on your furniture will dictate the cleaning methods you will want to use. If you are unsure of the finish, ask someone. If it’s a new purchase, ask a salesperson at the store. If it’s an older piece, take a small piece of the furniture (such as a drawer, a small shelf or a panel) to your local hardware store, and ask someone who is knowledgeable about wood to tell you about the type of finish.

Remove Pillows, Cushions and other Objects from the Furniture before Cleaning:

In order to have access to the entire piece of wood furniture for cleaning purposes, remove all objects and coverings before the cleaning process begins. Cleaning solutions that are often used on wood furniture can stain fabrics and other materials.

Use Your Vacuum:

One way to get rid of dust that is covering the surface of wood furniture is to remove it with a vacuum. An upright vacuum cannot effectively be used for this purpose unless it has a hand-held piece that can accommodate a brush attachment.

Vinegar and Water:

The most highly recommended solution to use for wood furniture cleaning purposes is a mixture of vinegar and water. The ratio of vinegar to water should be a half cup of vinegar to a full gallon of warm water. Be sure to use plain white vinegar – and not the fancy vinegars that you may have sitting in your kitchen cabinet. Some people like to transfer the mixture to a spray bottle which can be used as a means of moistening the surface of the wood furniture, but others like to dip a clean rag into the vinegar-water mixture to get it wet. Be careful to use as little of the wet solution as possible because too much can cause damage to the wood. Use a rag to wipe the surface of the wood in a circular motion until the piece is clean.

Painted Furniture:

The simplest way to clean painted wood furniture is to use a damp cloth to wipe the surface of the piece. This will remove the layer of dust and dirt that has accumulated on the furniture since the last time it was cleaned.

Don’t Let it Get Too Dirty:

Most people do not want to spend a lot of time cleaning their wood furniture, but it’s not a good idea to let too much dust and dirt accumulate. Dirty furniture not only looks bad to observers, but it is also not good for the longevity of the wood. Furniture cleaning does not have to be a daily task, except on pieces such as kitchen tables, and the process usually involves either a quick vacuuming or a simple wipe-down with a vinegar-water mixture.

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