Fun Ways to Paint Your Hallway


When you think about decorating your home, you most often think only about the rooms. Planning what color to paint them and what accessories and furniture to include can take up a large portion of your time. While that aspect of decorating is very important, there is also the need to think about your hallways. How will they transition from room to room and what do you want them to say about the space? Try one of the fun ways below to paint your hallways to create a look that no one will soon forget.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Paint the walls a solid color to begin with. A lighter shade than the room that it connects to is ideal. You can also use a neutral color with the same undertones as the rooms that the hallway connects to. After the walls are dry, paint mirrors and frames of differing sizes on the wall. It may seem silly to paint mirrors instead of hanging real ones, but if the hallway is narrow and frequently used, a painted mirror will add visual interest without being a danger. All too often, mirrors get bumped and knocked from walls as passersby jostle them. A wall with painted mirrors is fun and whimsical while being safe all at the same time.

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Paint the walls of your hallway a light, sky blue. Use a faux finish to create puffy white clouds around the upper part of the wall. From chair rail height down, paint a field of wildflowers or a garden. You can accent the mural with a real garden fence mounted to the wall. This is a fun way to lighten up a dark hallway and bring a touch of nature indoors. Wall vases with fresh cut flowers can also add to the ambiance of the space if your hallway is wide enough.

Out the Window

It is rare for hallways to have windows, so paint some on. Use the other windows in the house as inspiration and paint two or three windows on the long wall of the hallway. You can paint on the opposite wall, as well, if space allows. Out the windows, paint beautiful scenes or funny pictures. Each window can show parts of the same scene, or you can show different scenes in each window. Be creative with your designs. For a realistic look, hang a curtain rod and curtains over each painted window. A window ledge and molding can also be added for a great finish. Guests will think that you have real windows in your hallway until they walk by and see the painted scene.

The addition of fun hallway designs can make your home look and feel more lighthearted and happy. A sophisticated hallway is perfect for a sophisticated home, but a whimsical hallway is a much better choice for a home with an informal family feel. Use your imagination to create the ideal hallway scene for your home. There is no limit to the ideas that you can come up with.

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