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Creative Furniture Painting Ideas


A Few Less Common Creative Painting Furniture Ideas

There are many creative furniture painting ideas, some of which are more common than others. Typically, when we talk about creative furniture painting ideas we are talking about “faux” finishes. The word “faux” means “false.” A painted faux finish is the process of adding paint to furniture that replicates the look of another material. For example, it is possible to paint faux marble, faux leather and faux grain onto furniture. When done correctly, the results look very realistic.

Some creative furniture painting ideas include:

  • Metallic Painting
  • Stamping
  • Stenciling
  • Whitewashing
  • Whimsical Painting


Before adding paint to any piece of furniture, the surface should be prepared. This can be accomplished by removing the old finish and priming the wood.

Metallic Painting

Adding metallic paint is an excellent creative furniture painting idea. Metallic paint comes in silver, gold, and colored tones. The application process is simple. The wood must be prepared by removing the old finish. Make sure to apply a layer of primer – preferably in a shade that resembles the color of the metallic paint that will be applied. When the primer is dry, the metallic paint can be either brushed or sprayed onto the furniture. Multiple layers will be necessary for the best results.


A great way to add character to a piece of furniture is to apply stamped patterns. Stamping furniture is quick and easy. Stamps are a nice finishing touch to furniture that is already painted, stained or finished. A wide variety of paint stamps can be purchased at hardware stores and at craft supply stores. First, make sure the surface of the furniture is clean and dry. Next, dip the stamp in either waterproof ink or acrylic paint. Carefully stamp the pattern onto the furniture. When dry, apply a clear polyurethane coating to entire piece of furniture, which will seal the stamped paint.


Stenciling is often used to add words or patterns to wood furniture. It involves a similar application process to stamping. After the furniture is painted, cleaned and dry, secure the stencil to the furniture using masking tape. This will ensure the stencil will not move when the paint is being applied. Next, paint inside of the open areas of the stencil. For beginners, it is best to leave the stencil in place until the paint completely dries. After all stenciling has been applied, add a layer of polyurethane to seal the paint.


Whitewashing is also commonly referred to as a “shabby chic” motif. It is the style seen in many boutique stores and is highly popular in today’s world of interior design. To apply a whitewashed effect to furniture, first prepare the wood by removing the old finish and adding a layer of primer. Next, apply a layer of flat white paint that has been watered down. When dry, use sandpaper to lightly remove some of the paint. This will create a weathered or “whitewashed” effect.

Whimsical Painting

The word whimsical means “fancy” and “playful.” Most people use this style in a child’s bedroom, but people who like a lot of color in their décor often desire whimsical pieces in their living room or kitchen. Whimsical painting involves the use of several bright colors applied in a fun or unusual pattern. First, prepare the wood by removing the old finish, sanding and adding primer. Next, lightly draw a pattern onto the furniture. Next, paint the furniture using acrylic paint. Finally, seal the furniture with a layer of polyurethane.

Most types of creative furniture painting require a few materials and knowledge of the technique necessary to achieve the desired results. The correct application of a faux finish can transform an old piece of furniture into a piece that will add an element of design and character to any room.

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