Choosing the Perfect Color for a Front Door


Front doors are the usually the first thing passersby notice about a home. After scanning the yard, the eye automatically goes to the home’s entrance. Choosing a color for the front door can be an exciting task, but one that comes with a bit of anxiety. Painting that first stripe of color on an already primed door can be daunting. Use the guide below to help in choosing the perfect color for a front door.


Red is traditionally known as a welcoming door color. There are many meanings behind red doors and the significance varies from culture to culture. Many churches and other places of worship choose red for their doors to signify that the area beyond the door is holy ground. The practice of painting church doors red started in the Middle Ages to show that the church was a sanctuary for those who needed a safe place. Feng Shui practices also encourage the painting the front door red for wealth and prosperity. In other cultures, red is used to ward off evil spirits and bring peace to the family within.

For the modern day house, red is a welcoming color. It adds significant curb appeal and a bright focal point to the home’s exterior. Different shades of red are available and can be used instead of bright, fire engine red to coordinate with masonry and siding.


The color green is traditionally known as the color of growth and prosperity. It signifies change, development and wealth. Doors painted this color are both welcoming and invigorating. They invite people. Green doors are also used for tying together the earthly elements outside the home with the safe interior beyond. In Feng Shui, green is usually used for front doors that face the south or southeast and is believed to attract prosperity for the family within.


Many homeowners are opting for black doors. The stark, mysterious color adds mystery and ambiance to the curb appeal of the home. Black doors seem to indicate potential and possibility, which are good qualities for a home that is being sold. The drawback for black doors is that the color is not instantly welcoming like its red or green counterparts. It gives off more of an aloof air which may make passersby subconsciously skip over the home in favor of one with a more welcoming door color.

Non-traditional Colors

Beyond the reds, greens and blacks, there are also a variety of non-traditional colors for front doors. Peaches, browns, yellows and silvers are all colors known for their Feng Shui properties. If the idea of positive energy flow is an important consideration, look up common Feng Shui practices for other color options. Typically in Feng Shui the color of the door is what invites in not only guests but happiness and prosperity into the home.

When choosing the perfect colors for a front door consider all options. Try painting swatches of color on the door and seeing where the eye is drawn. A color that is out of place or does not flow with the house will be easily recognizable. Trust instincts and go with a color that feels welcoming and positive in the space.

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