Chestnut wood sample.

Chestnut Furniture – Chestnut is a Reddish-Brown Wood that is Strong, Durable and Highly Desirable


History of the Chestnut Tree

The chestnut tree has been a useful resource for centuries. Varieties of the tree still exist and thrive in many areas, but in the early 1900s, the “American Chestnut” tree was struck with a deadly fungus. The fungus was so destructive that it came close to killing every American chestnut tree growing in the United States. Today, American chestnut trees are virtually non-existent. But, due to scientific research and the ability to promote the growth of a fungus-resistant strain of the tree, there is reason to believe that the American chestnut tree will someday thrive again in forests.

Chestnut Furniture

American pioneers commonly used chestnut wood to build furniture. This was partly due to the abundance of chestnut trees in eastern part of the country and partly due to the fact that the wood was easy to work with. Chestnut is easily sanded and it looks excellent with just about any finish. Antique American chestnut furniture is highly desirable and difficult to find in its original condition and finish.

Today, new chestnut furniture is usually constructed of wood that was cultivated from trees that grew in Europe since the American chestnut tree is not available for harvesting in the United States. It is possible to find American chestnut wood furniture, but this type of wood is only available in small quantities and it is quite expensive. Most of the American chestnut wood that can be found for sale is either reclaimed or from stockpiles of wood taken from trees that were victims of the fungus that struck at the beginning of the 20th century. Veneered chestnut wood furniture is more readily available than anything made of solid chestnut.

Chestnut Dining Room Furniture

Chestnut is one of the most popular wood choices for dining room furniture. There are many reasons for is desirability.

  • It’s strong. Chestnut is a hardwood and resists scratches, ding, dents and gouges. This is one reason that families like chestnut dining room furniture. It will not become damaged when silverware or other utensils hit the table too hard. It’s very durable and can withstand heavy usage.
  • It’s a smooth wood. The presence of unsightly grain patterns and knots are nonexistent in chestnut. When finished, chestnut makes a beautiful dining room set that goes with almost every décor.

The Characteristics of Chestnut Wood

Every type of wood has its own unique look. Chestnut is no exception. There are many reasons that furniture designers like chestnut. The wood is easy to manipulate, it sands well, it works well with almost every type of wood finish, and it is a stable hardwood. Over the course of centuries, chestnut has been used for many purposes ranging from furniture to outdoor fences. The reason for its continuous popularity is due to the wood’s ease of use and its overall pleasant look.

Chestnut is a highly desirable wood and people that value the properties and characteristics of chestnut are anxiously awaiting the healthy and fungus-resistant return of the American chestnut tree to the country’s forests.

Image of this Reclaimed Chestnut Antique Chest provided by Delnero Furniture-

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