Best Paint Colors for Low-Light Rooms


Painting rooms with little or no light at all needs a different approach! When considering paint colors for such places, a lot of us instinctively opt for clean solid white color. It is natural to think that bright paint could brighten the room, but in many cases, the result is the opposite.

Some of the best and most sorted colors for a room with low light lean towards the warmer tones and not the vibrant ones. Got room to paint but aren’t sure which color would be the best fit for your room?

Let an expert painting company assist you in picking a palette of the best paint colors for rooms with low or no natural light!

Mostly, rooms that have low light are receptive to grey tones and shadows, and they eventually evoke cool colors which ultimately make the room look darker.

Because of this, north side facing rooms begin to appear grey and gloomy. Do you want to lighten up such rooms? Here a list of paints for rooms with natural light.

Grey (SW7029)

  • If you are looking to go ahead with cooler colors for your room which has low natural light, consider giving it a warm undertone like the grey code mentioned above.


The beige undercurrent softens the sharply defined of the grey and is best suited for bigger rooms, such as the bedroom. For areas in the room that are cluttered, consider getting a matte finish done.

Plum (SW6271)

  • This shade of plum has a moody color tone and often facilitates a relaxed atmosphere. The plum palette can be applied to the snug vibes of the parlor and also goes pretty well with eggshell gloss in the TV lounge.
  • Plum is a bright shade, and it is an excellent idea to smoothen it with soothing metallic colors like brass, copper, or bronze. Wall art on a plum wall is like icing the cake!

Lavender (SW6554)

  • Lavender mainly offers a soothing effect to the room! The best shades in Lavender are eggshell and satin gloss. The color is best suited for living and dining rooms.
  • The color is pretty versatile in itself and is also inviting. Lavender can further be matured by furnishing the room with black, white, and grey furniture. If you want a little light-hearted surroundings, consider furnishing the room with blue and purple pairing.

Gold (SW9019)

  • This is not a universally loved color; however, a well-placed Gold painted wall has the potential to cheer up a dim space. It’s a fab idea to consider the imitation of natural light with Gold, and the color is well suited for a fancy kitchen.
  • This shade of Gold goes amazingly well with white woodwork cupboards and warm wood shades of the woodwork.

Wheat Penny (SW7705)

  • This is a popular color for cozy places. Wheat Penny is essentially a warmer and a bolder tone. The color goes pretty well with eggshell finish and the combination allows you to feel the intimate breakfast nook!
  • It would be a great idea to even out the dense Wheat Penny color with more subtle modulations like patterned fabrics, light shade carpets, and white trims.

Rainwashed (SW6211)

  • Rainwashed is a cool color and is subtle to the eyes. This shade goes really well with suggestions of blue and green and is perfect for lightening up a smaller space. Consider pairing this amazing shade with an aqua tone with a pinch of gloss.
  • The rainwashed shade is a splendid choice for traditional interiors and goes very well with crisp white details and reddish upholstery.

Forestwood (SW7730)

  • Forestwood is a rich deep green shade and is best suited for formal spaces like a study, library, or an office. Adding a pinch of eggshell gloss is again like icing the case.
  • Forestwood can facilitate a very striking setting when paired with shades like white and back, giving the room a warm contemporary feel.

Brightening a Room

The colors definitely play a huge role in brightening up a room but there are a couple of additions and designs that have the caliber to immensely enhance a room with low natural light, even if it has no windows.

Let Light Seep In

Although this is pretty obvious, consider keeping minimum window coverings. Blinds or roman shades are a great option to make the most out of the lights that’s available. Heavy curtains and drapes and anything that blocks the available light are best avoided.

Minimize Furniture

Spaces that are dim are better off without large heavy and bulky furniture as they make the room look gloomy and camped. Instead, opt for sleek and slim furniture and see how the room lightens the room.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Getting along slim mirror on the wall of the otherwise dark room would reflect whatever light seeps in making the room a little more bright. The other benefit of a mirror on the wall is that it’ll make the room look bigger, brighter, and much more spacious.


Consider setting up lamps and lights facing upwards with their directions towards the walls and the ceiling. Doing that would comparatively reflect more light off surfaces.

Are you planning to paint your walls but aren’t exactly sure which paint colors would work best for your home? Let skilled and professional painting companies brighten your day and your home!

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