5 Places to Find a Painting Contractor


Whether you are new to the area or just never had to hire someone to paint your house before, finding a painting contractor you can trust may seem like a challenging task.

The first step is to locate a painting contractor. If you’re in Southern Colorado, Crowder Painting is happy to handle all your painting needs. If you live in another region, however, there are many ways to generate leads on good painters who will leave you with a happy story to tell.


Perhaps the best way to is to ask around. Tell others you are looking for a painting contractor and see if you get any leads.

Successful word of mouth advertising starts with satisfied customers, and you can learn a lot about a painter from his past clients! Of course, customers are also not shy about telling you who to stay away from- if you keep hearing horror stories about the same company, steer clear!

Paint Store

If you don’t know anyone who has had recent work done, check with your local paint store. Most professional painters prefer to work with local suppliers, not the big home improvement stores, so you’ll find more leads at a local paint store. Talk to the person behind the counter. Describe your project and ask for recommendations. He or she will have valuable insight that can be very helpful.

Helpful Questions to Ask About the Painters Who Purchase from the Local Paint Store

  • Do you have any painters who consistently purchase your highest quality paints? A contractor who consistently purchases high-quality paints is typically concerned for the long-term success of the project.
  • Do you have any painters who run accounts with you that always pay on time? On-time payment of the contractors store account generally means cash is flowing into the painting business. This means that he has completed projects and satisfied his customers.
  • Do you have any painters who have been doing business with you for a long time? Using the same store for many years means the business is a well-established one, likely to provide good service and honor warranties.


Between the inside knowledge of these factors paint store employees have and your willingness to ask these questions, you are likely to walk out of the paint store with at least one recommended contractor who is reliable and trustworthy.


The internet is a part of daily life now, and it’s an excellent resource for tracking down a good painter.

One option is to use a search engine to find a painting contractor in your area. Try Googling “painting services + your city and state”, “painters + your zip code” or “painting contractors”. You should return a number of results, including individual contractor’s websites, free and paid listings, and review sites.

Free classified sites, such as craigslist.org and backpage.com are becoming popular places for contractors to advertise. Check the services section, and follow up by asking for references.

Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau is a popular way to locate leads. Not seeking accreditation with the BBB isn’t a sign that a painting contractor is less than top-notch, but passing BBB approval is a sign that a company is committed to meeting accreditation standards and resolving any customer complaints that may arise.

Members of the BBB must adhere to strict standards, so you know their reputations are important to them. They also have to pay a fee for accreditation and monitoring, so BBB accreditation is a sign of commitment to quality.

Your local BBB office keeps records which are accessible via the internet. These records include both good and bad information on contractors, even if they’re not members! Good contractors will have very few complaints, and the BBB will indicate whether the complaints were resolved or not. BTW: Anytime you have work done on your home, leave a comment with the BBB. Your experience will help future consumers to make informed decisions.

Other Sources

Not all painting contractors advertise, but those that do tend to have bigger budgets (read: a more successful business) than those who don’t. Listen to the radio, write down names you see on TV, or browse the yellow pages for listings.

Some newspapers have a “Skills and Services,” or similar section, where contractors can advertise their services in the classifieds. There are also free classified papers available in many communities that attract the advertising dollars of house painters. You can check these sources, then cross-reference them with the local BBB.

Free classified ad bulletin boards are available at many grocery stores. Check by the entrance. Many times up-and-starting painters will post a business card there. You will want to explore tips on How to Work With a New, Up-And-Coming House Painter before you hire someone with little experience.

Finally, bulletin boards at church, the post office, or the corner store often have fliers for different services. Write down the number. You may have just found a promising up and comer!

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