Top 5 Best Paint Shades to Use for Garage Renovation


For years, your garage has served you well. The time to renovate, however, has come. Now you have an opportunity to make your garage look better than it ever did before.

You can install more cabinets and fixtures. Adding insulation may also be in order. You can get garage door repair done if you’re having problems with it. And to make the whole place look amazing, you can paint it in any color that catches your fancy.

So, what color would be best for your garage? Here are five of the best paint shades to use for garage renovation.

1. Gray

Garage walls and ceilings should be in a lighter shade. The usual choice for many would-be white, and it would be a good one, especially if you want your garage to look brighter and more spacious.

The problem with white, however, is that it makes dirt and grime quite visible. Cleaning and maintaining white walls and ceilings would require more effort.

A neutral color like gray, on the other hand, still provides the lightness you want for your garage, but it would be easier to clean and maintain.

2. Beige

If you want another neutral color but with more life than light gray, you might want to go for beige.

With its yellowish tint, it reflects light just as well. It also comes off as warm, partly because of its brownish component. Maintaining and cleaning a beige wall is also much more convenient.

3. Red

If anything, red is perfect as an accent color for your garage. This is especially true if your ceiling and walls are light gray, a color that blends well with darker shades of red.

Red will make the cabinets and shelves in your garage pop out. You can also opt to paint your garage door red, although that will largely depend on whether the color will work on the exterior.

4. Blue

If you feel that red is a little too intense, you can opt to paint the cabinets blue, is regarded as the coolest color, literally and figuratively.

If you’re going to have epoxy flooring for your garage, you might want to consider having it in blue. It’s up to you and your preferences whether to go for darker blue or a lighter shade.

5. Black

One standout thing with black is that it goes well with many other colors. Whatever light color you choose to paint your garage walls with, any other part that you paint black will contrast nicely.

Assuming that you decided to paint your walls red, black cabinets or a black floor will make the whole garage look quite sleek and sophisticated. It will be a fantastic place to park your sports car if it’s what you’re driving.

Truth be told, choosing colors for your garage renovation depends heavily on your preferences. If you want to go for bolder colors and color combinations, then go right on ahead. The paint shades mentioned above can serve as a guide. Do some mixing and matching and settle on the colors that will make you happy with your newly-renovated garage’s overall look.


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Irene Trentham is the Content Marketing Strategist of Arizona’s Best Garage Door and Repair Company, a locally-owned enterprise that specializes in garage door installation and repair for residents of Phoenix and surrounding areas. She loves to do camping, hiking and yoga and to spend time with her family and baby girl, Tatum when not writing.

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