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I would like to paint my bedroom furniture. Do I need to remove the old varnish and stain? It is in good shape there is no peeling or cracking on them.

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  1. No you can just apply an oil primer… then finish coat with either oil or latex (use a satin or semi gloss finish)…

  2. When painting over varnished and stained furniture, it is generally recommended to sand the old finish to ensure the new paint adheres properly and achieves the desired look.

    Sanding requires patience and careful attention to detail to ensure a smooth surface for painting. Generally starting with 150 grit and progressing to 220 grit will produce a dull smooth surface ready for priming.

    After sanding the old varnish and stain, it is important to clean the surface thoroughly to remove any residue before applying the new paint. Vacuuming then wiping the surfaces with a damp cloth will remove the dust left from sanding. This will help ensure a clean and smooth base for the paint to adhere to.

    Additionally, consider using an oil based primer before painting to further enhance the adhesion and durability of the new finish.

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