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My uncle built a cedar chest for my parents (who have passed on) around 1940. The outside finish is dark (like mahogany) and is pretty scratched up. I’d like to refinish it but not sure how to go about it. Also, it has trim on the front (like a strip of beading with a sort of wagon wheel at each end), which has a missing section. Do I try to find matching trim or just take it off and try to repair where it was? PLEASE HELP!! Thank you and best regards, Stumped Daughter

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  1. You might be able to find replacement trim. See if you have a specialty wood shop near by. Refinishing depends on what your after. If you want a completely new finish (color and clear) then you will need to strip, sand and restain. It might be possible to hide the scratches with a matching stain and then apply a coat of shellac or varnish, depends on what is on it now.

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