Help my Dryvit

Hi. We’re getting cracks showing in our dryvit stucco. I clearly need to repaint the entire exterior of the house (3 stories, 3 exposed sides 1 attached). Which coating is a recommended waterproofing material for the Philadelphia area (wet and high temperature variance), with wood frame and crappy stucco?? Any

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Paint color question

Hi, We are remodeling our house and are doing a bedroom upstairs for our 8yr old daughter. The room gets medium light. There is a big window on the north wall. The ceiling slants down on 2 sides and is a lighter pine(wood). We put an Autumn forest wall mural

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Anti mildew paint additives.

I have A LOT of paint that I want to use, so I don’t want to buy more. I want to paint my basement bathroom and was wondering if there exists an anti-mildew additive I can put in my paint?

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Semi gloss over semi gloss.

Can I prime the wall with semi gloss if I am gonna paint it with semi gloss paint? I was told that I would have to use flat after I bought it and had it colored to match.

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