Paint over high gloss bright paint?

For many reasons I need to paint over a bathroom with high gloss bright yellow paint. Do I need to sand all surfaces before applying to get good paint adhesion? I would like this more tasteful paint job to last without pealing, bubbling and so on. Thanks

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Paint prep for patio cover.

How do you fill staple holes and joint lines between sheets of smooth surface fiber board on underside of newly built patio cover so it can be painted?

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Can primer be left on as paint?

I used the BIN primer from ZINSSER. It has a shellac in it. The owners before smoked and this is supposed to keep the smoke smell in the wall instead of in the house. The good news is that it seems to have worked and the primer has gone on

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Mixed Textured Wall

The drywall has many different textures – some smooth, some not. (Just bought this house and very uneven drywall work.) When I painted the wall, the paint was very uneven, some lighter, some darker spots. The same paint was used as before (left by the previous owner). Should I sand

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