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Hi. We’re getting cracks showing in our dryvit stucco.

I clearly need to repaint the entire exterior of the house (3 stories, 3 exposed sides 1 attached).
Which coating is a recommended waterproofing material for the Philadelphia area (wet and high temperature variance), with wood frame and crappy stucco?? Any idea about pricing??

Many thanks!!

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  1. Hi Annette, my son will be moving to Philadelphia in September to attend the University of Pennsylvania. Not really pertinent to your question, but I felt like sharing. We visited your beautiful city a few weeks ago and thoroughly enjoyed the time.

    Now, to try to answer your question. The cracks concern me more than anything else. Properly applied Dryvit generally does not crack. The cracks suggest to me you have movement under the Dryvit. You may wish to visit a local paint dealer to see if they can suggest someone familiar with the situation to advise. As for waterproofing, not sure that is the best approach. Any top quality acrylic house paint will provide a barrier to moisture entering the Dryvit through the face of the material. 2 coats would certainly be to your durability advantage.

    I live in the south pf Alabama therefore I am not certain as to the pricing structure of your area. I will advise you for what I do know. Pricing here is figured as to the number of days for painting, gallons required, window/door count with repairs figured separately. I will demonstrate. A house of your size seems as though I would figure 20 man days, with an average of 28 windows and doors and possibly 20 gallons. With those figures I would guesstimate $7000.00 to $9000.00 labor and materials plus repairs needed. Remember, I have not seen the house so I am GUESSTIMATING!

    Any suggestions for my son? Please visit our website and email us.

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