Oil streaks on bathroom walls.

We primed our bathroom with an exterior primer and proceeded to paint with the same make of exterior paint. When the shower was used, steam built up in the room. The walls now have water streaks that contain oil. If wiped away with a cloth the next time the shower

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Painting over peeled sheetrock paper.

Our house had wallpaper in the entryway that had been painted over. When we tried to take it off it peeled the top layer of paper off of the sheetrock so that now there is only a thin brown paper layer over the sheetrock core. Question: Can I sand, prime,

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Refinishing kitchen cabinets and the frames.

You offered a great DIY article on this. My only question is how to do the frames that are attached to the wall. Do they require the same process? If I took my doors and hinges off, I’d still have the skeleton of the cabinet. How to refinish this part

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Remove Whitewash from Cabinets

My kitchen cabinets are oak, whitewashed. I want a nice warm wood color stain. Do I have to strip the cabinets first and then apply a new stain? What is the process? What is the best and easiest way? I have a lot of cabinets!!

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Blue painters’ tape removed some of the new paint.

I recently painted my bathroom. I did the baseboards and door frames a different color. I used blue painters’ tape to protect the newly painted walls. When I removed the tape — it removed some of the new paint. How many days do I have to wait after painting before

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Darken already stained trim.

I want to darken my walnut stained wood door and trim. Could I rub with dark paint and wipe to give it a rustic look? Or should I lightly sand and go over the existing stain with a black stain to give it the brown/black finish I’m looking for?

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