Painting Front Door

I have a white siding house with black shutters, grey/black roof and red and white brick trimming the bottom of the covered front porch. I want to paint my front door black, it is mostly lead glass but I have no idea what kind of paint or what tools to

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Walnut stained doors and white trim.

I have solid wood doors stained walnut, which looks dated to me. The trim around windows is white. Can I stain over the doors, say in Ebony, for a more updated look? What color would you paint the trim?

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Trim Options for Tan Windows

We have purchased tan windows for our lake house. What are good color options for the trim and walls? Should we match the trim to the windows and do the walls one shade darker or lighter? Or should we paint the trim darker than the windows?

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Cedar Chest

My uncle built a cedar chest for my parents (who have passed on) around 1940. The outside finish is dark (like mahogany) and is pretty scratched up. I’d like to refinish it but not sure how to go about it. Also, it has trim on the front (like a strip

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