Painting brick faces without painting the grout/mortar


Sorry if this is a weird question, but I’ve been looking online for hours and I’m tired. I’ve seen a few buildings in my area that’ve painted the faces of the individual bricks on their walls, but have left the grout/mortar totally unpainted, as the title states. It looks really cool to me, as you can still see the sides of the actual brick in the little valley where the mortar is. …Is there an actual name for this? I’d prefer not to have to paint the wall myself just because I can’t get a painter to agree to do it unless it’s an actual technique or whatever.

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  1. I don’t think this has any special name but i can imagine a way to do it.  Use a weenie roller, size and nap depends on the brick, and roll each brick individually.  Just the face.  This would be difficult or impossible for a painter to bid as the time and material is impossible to know before hand.  Maybe mention the building locations to a painter or two and ask if this can be done to your home and how much?  If no takers consider T&M a painter, pay for time and materials or an hourly rate.

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