Peeling Wall Paint

I have a situation, new semi-gloss latex paint is peeling by the sheets off of newly primed walls. The thing is, I used a flat ceiling paint as a primer which I have done many times before, and a standard latex semi-gloss over it and it is peeling off in

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Wall Painting

We have gray carpeting with heavy blue undertones running through our entire home. The color of the walls will run through our great room, hall and kitchen. What color can we paint the walls that will bring out the gray in the carpet and NOT the blue?

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What stain is on my particle board cabinets?

My particle board cabinets have some kind of stain and I want to resand them and restain? Will sanding with 220 grit and 320 be OK? What prep. should I use? I sanded on one area and the stain comes off very easily but want to know if I can

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Help my door is still white primer!

I painted my house yellow, my roof is a golden brown architectural shingles, the shutters are a gray blue color called stone, the trim is white. What color should I paint the door?

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