Den Painting

Room is 10 ft x 12 ft, couch is red, carpet is dark green, room has 1 window and a sliding glass door. My husband wants to go dark but I’m not sure. What would be best?

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New Home Trim Painting

The entry door assembly in a new New Jersey home is framed in painted wood, as are the two round wooden columns holding up the small front entry roof. The walls and windows are clad with vinyl. What type and frequency of exterior painting maintenance should I expect to do?

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What colour to pick?

I’ve painted my office ceiling with black colour and install new carpet with dark grey on it and install a tempered glass partition. I just need some advice what colour should i paint my wall? I need to have a modern look to my office.

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Minwax Polyshade

How do I fill the grain in a hardwood table top? I am using min wax poly shade for final finish (spraying).

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Metal Door Frames

We have some high gloss enamel metal door frames that were repainted (not known if with latex or oil base) and this paint is peeling off. Contractor “A” wants to strip down the frames, prime them and give 2 coats of enamel. “B” wants to remove loose paint and sand

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Matching Colors

I’m looking to paint my dining room. All the furniture in this room is dark mahogany. What would be the best paint colors to go with my furniture color?

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