What stain is on my particle board cabinets?


My particle board cabinets have some kind of stain and I want to resand them and restain? Will sanding with 220 grit and 320 be OK? What prep. should I use? I sanded on one area and the stain comes off very easily but want to know if I can restain and what steps to take for success.

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  1. Although I can't tell you what type of stain is on your cabinets I can give you a few pointers. It is a good thing the stain is easily removed. Using 220 grit sandpaper is a fine way to remove the old stain. For stubborn areas you can use 150 grit then finish up with the 220. Using a finer grit is unnecessary as long as you sand with the wood grain.

    For tight crevices you can use sanding sponges.

    The biggest problem you could run into is sanding through the thin layer of wood glued to the particle board. This laminated layer of wood is easy to damaged. Be careful when sanding.

    Other than removing the old stain there isn't any more prep needed before restaining and applying a clear finish. Use an oil base wood stain for the new color. It might be necessary to use a pre-stain conditioner but not always. Experiment on an unseen area before using a stain conditioner.

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