Painting a Fireplace

I really need to paint my fireplace but I need a paint that will withstand heat of course and I would like it to be painted in such a way that it looks like real brick. There is a product called Brick Anew, but it is only available in the

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Dining Room

I have hunter green carpet in my dining room. What colors would work with this for the walls?

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Kitchen Cabinets

I have sanded, primed and painted kitchen cabinets white but I used a satin is there a spray that I can put on them to give them a semi-gloss look? I am not hand painting again! Thanks!!

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What colour paint with cream windows and green door?

We are considering a light natural grey render colour for the house against the cream windows and light green (pastel) door. It’s the french county house effect we are looking for but not sure if light grey will come out too white and a dark grey would look like a

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Vinyl coating cracked & bubbled on steel door.

About 80% of the vinyl coating on the exterior of the door was bubbled and cracked. Probably due to prolonged exposure to the sunlight. It was relatively easy to remove using a scraper. In the remaining areas the vinyl is still securely bonded to the metal and scraping doesn’t touch

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Blistering Paint

Paint on interior wall blistered. Have repainted and 2 days later it blistered again. This room gets full morning sun. Wounding if that would be a problem?

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