Bubbling Ceiling Paint

The ceiling paint in our living room has now bubbled in a second area. 1st bubbling happened about a year ago. I scraped, primed the area & painted 2 coats on entire ceiling about 3 months ago. Now about 10 feet away from 1st problem area, there is another section

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Oil paint on latex paint on oil paint!

My painter applied latex paint on top of oil based paint on the trim, which promptly began to peel as the new flooring was installed. I asked him to remove the latex and repaint with oil based paint. He did not remove the latex, but painted over it with oil

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Need help with paint colors please!

I have light pine cabinets, light wood flooring and black counter tops with hints of red and orange colors. The kitchen is also open to the dining area and I would like to use a different color for that. I need help! I don’t want to make a bad choice.

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How to remove plaster impressions?

We have a few walls in our newly purchased home that have plaster impressions that make it look like a brick wall. One wall is half covered with plaster impressions, and the other wall is fully covered. I am assuming the fully covered wall could be fixed by plastering over

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Staining Painted Fireplace Bricks

I stained my concrete step with Minwax wood stain and it turned out awesome. I’m thinking of doing the same for my fireplace bricks but have concerns about hazards when fireplace is in use.

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Peeling and Bubbling Paint

I painted my bathroom about 6 months ago. I primed it first with oil based Kilz then painted with semi-gloss paint. I waited about two days then took off the painters tape and in places it peeled just like rubber. I repainted around the taped areas now the middle of

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Repairing stain color on pine T&G ceiling.

We recently installed a pine T&G ceiling. Our contractor stained it incorrectly with a water base semi-transparent outdoor Cabot stain that looks horrible. It was stripped and restained with Minwax Fruitwood but the ugly gray/putty color shows through. Any suggestions to fix this. It is on two very large ceilings

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Looking for some advice, been in business for 10 years, business has grown every year and this year I’m looking to hire a salesman. Does anyone know how a salesman would get paid for bidding painting jobs? Percentage? Base pay? or both? Thank you!

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